A List of Therapists
Experienced in the Treatment
of Transgender Persons

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It's very unlikely that one can take the major life-changing steps necessary to live and prosper during and after transition by acting alone. Someone trained and experienced in caring for transsexual persons is usually the first health professional we encounter on our journey. Whether we call this person a "facilitator," "counselor," or "therapist," she or he is our friend, our advocate, and our source of strength.

I believe the most important information I can give many transsexual persons is information on therapists in their area. Certainly, it's possible to look in the telephone directory and find a therapist listed in most cities; but very few psychologists have experience or interest in treating transgendered people. Much harm can be done by an ill-informed therapist or one with a social, sexual, or religious bias against transsexuals. We don't need behavior modification or "cures." We need guidance in planning the social, financial, physical and emotional struggles we will surely face. We need to know of any collateral issues - codependency, shame, self esteem, fear - which can be managed if we have proper therapy. And last but not least, we need a successful transition resulting in those blessed "letters" so we can proceed with surgical resolution of our conflict.

This site will serve as a guide to good, qualified therapists expert in properly treating transsexual persons. My goal is to be able to point anyone to such professional help within driving distance of home.

If you are a therapist meeting these criteria, and would like to be listed here, please write me (

If you would like to recommend your therapist, please obtain her or his permission first, then send me name, city, state, telephone number, and e-mail address (if applicable).

With your help, my friends, we can make a difference in many lives.

Thank you very much.

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A List of Therapists Who Treat
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United Kingdom

Mr Dominic Davies, Psychotherapist & Sex Therapist
5a Mercer Street
London, United Kingdom WC2H 9QP
Phone : +44 (797) 1205-323
Email :

Dr Richard Green and Dr Don Montgomery,
Gender Identity Clinic
Charing Cross Hospital
Hammersmith, London W6 8RF
Tel: 0208 846-1516

Tina Livingstone
(B.Ed Hons , Diplomas is Counselling and Supervision.