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What's a blog?

"Blog" is short for "weblog." It's more than a diary, less than a book. It is an online journal wherein the blogger can share her thoughts in close to real time. Blogs can be simple, or very elaborate. Blogs also contain links to other sites; some bloggers share links with other blogger sites and critique the writings of the other bloggers. I'm not planning to go that far.

Why are you starting a blog?

It's a good medium for me. I don't have enough time to write a large number of formal essays for my site at this time. At best I can come up with a couple of spiritual ("Grace and Lace") columns each year. The blog will allow me to post brief thoughts and opinions on the day I develop them. Since I won't need much time for any entry, I can make them more often.

You still don't have time for this.

Time will tell. I do have a lot of thoughts to share, and I hope it will be possible to devote a few minutes frequently to working on the pages.

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